Rolfix II

Rolfix II

Serial Number: Cam0008

Self Erecting Folding Camera


Country of Origin:
Germany - US Zone

Production Period:
1935 - 1954

Approximate Price:
USD 90.00 - 100.00


Status: Display

Franka cameras were manufactured in
the mid-20th century by Franka-Kamerawerk, one of the
largest camera factories in the German state of Bavaria.
The most iconic Franka cameras were the twin-format
16mm cameras that featured built-in meters and two
viewfinders. Franka cameras were last produced in 1966
and they are highly sought-after by photography enthusiasts. The Franka Rolfix was a series of self-erecting folding cameras for type No. 120 film rolls. It was launched in
1935. All Rolfix cameras were for "full" medium format
6x9cm, and several variants had the half-frame option for
4.5x6cm image format. The 1954 model Rolfix II E even
had a built-in rangefinder.