Polariod 636

Polariod 636

Serial Number: Cam0009

Talking Camera


Country of Origin:
United Kingdom

Production Period:

Approximate Price:
USD 229.25


Status: Display

Designed for Polaroids 600 series Integral Film, the 636 talking camera has a unique gimmick. Along with a couple of pre-recorded messages, this camera can also be used to record speech or music which can be played via a loudspeaker just before firing the shutter. It works in a similar way to a digital answering machine.

When the loudspeaker is turned off, this camera functions in much the same way as a standard OneStep 600, with fixed focus and automatic flash. A sliding close-up lens is included, but it tends to make images even softer than usual. Although marketed as a fun camera for taking close-up snapshots at parties and family reunions, picture quality is better when focusing over longer distances out of doors in bright conditions.