Plaubel Makina

Plaubel Makina

Serial Number: Cam0010

Medium format press cameras

Plaubel A.G.

Country of Origin:
Frankfurt, Germany

Production Period:
1912 - 1953

Approximate Price:
USD 400 .00 420.00


Status: Display

The Plaubel Makina was a series of
medium format press cameras. Makina cameras had
leaf shutters and rangefinder focusing with collapsible bellows, except for the specialized 69W Proshift
model. The original Makina was manufactured by
Plaubel & Co. in Germany from 1912 to 1953. Plaubel
was later sold to Doi Group, which designed new
Makina cameras that sold from 1978 to the 1980s.
The Japanese-made Plaubel Makina was a major
redesign with Nikkor lenses and integrated metering.
It was manufactured first by Copal and later by