Spartus Press Flash

Spartus Press Flash

Serial Number: Cam0012

Press Camera

Utility Manufacturing Companu

Country of Origin:

Production Period:
1941 - 1950

Approximate Price:
USD 120.00 - 140.00


Status: Display

From a technical perspective, the Spartus Press Flash is a very basic and simple camera. It uses
film 120 which is positioned using an aluminum wheel
located on the right side of the camera's body. The big
flash reflector is designed to accept bulbs n°0 or n°40.
The power supply for the flash is given by two batteries
similar to type AA, These two batteries are stored in a
dedicated compartment which runs along the right
side of the camera while on the left hand side,, a long
internal viewfinder appears to be the counterpart of the
batteries' compartment.