Verascope F40

Verascope F40

Serial Number: Cam0013

Stereo Camera


Country of Origin:
Ansco, Binghamton, NY. Made in USA

Production Period:
1930 - 1950

Approximate Price:
USD 10.00 - 20.00


Status: Display

The Verascope line of cameras was
made over a 40 year period stretching from 1890
through to the 1930s. There were a very substantial
number of models covering three different plate
sizes: 45 x 107mm, 6 x 13cm and 7 x 13cm.
It is difficult to determine the variant or age of this
particular example, other than its picture size of 45 x
107mm. It is fitted with the tubular viewfinder on top
of the magazine back, which according to McKeown
makes it an early model. The shutter is cocked by a
sliding a button on the front, located above the
finder viewing lens. The counter appears to be manually set. These features suggest that it dates to c1895
according to the information in McKeown. It is complete with the magazine, but there are no plates
within. It is gun metal grey in color. There is some
wear (rub marks) to the metal surface. The shutter
still operates.