Tiger Eye Stone Walking Stick

Tiger Eye Stone Walking Stick

Serial Number: Cane0075

Status: Display

This walking stick is made up of tiger eye stone and it measures approximately 84 cm length. This was purchased by RAF during his trip to India on June 20-29, 2018.

A Tiger’s Eye stone is a healing gemstone of vitality and physical action. It stimulates the first through third chakras to help you remain grounded, calm and centered, regardless of how crazy the situation is. Tiger Eye stone meaning includes energizing your body and chakras to strengthen your motivation and willpower. It combines the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun, bringing grounding, optimistic and happy energies. Tiger’s Eye stones help you to see the positive in any situation, making it especially helpful for anyone who suffers from feelings of depression.

Tiger Eye stone benefits also include providing protection, especially for travelers, as well as bringing good luck. In ancient times, they were used as talismans against bad luck and curses. Carrying stones, and having the intention of the tiger eye stone meaning, is believed to bring you new opportunities, prosperity and wealth. They also help to give you a little creative boost when you are feeling creatively blocked or drained.