Comyns Walking Stick

Comyns Walking Stick

Serial Number: Cane0078

Status: Display

Comyns Walking Stick - Sterling Silver Handle with Walnut Gloss - Flamingo

Comyns walking sticks are made from Burmese teak wood, featured here with a black lacquer finish. (we supply the popular walnut gloss in Australia) These walking sticks have a solid silver tip and neck ring, with a silver formed handle. The forming of the handles allows greater detail than conventional cast silver. A bonded porcelain body is electroplated with a minimum of 100 microns of silver (1mm thickness of sliver) to create the highly detailed handle. The heavy thickness of the silver on this filled piece, allows the items to be hallmarked by the London assay office. Comyns’ walking sticks are both decorative and functional and are used by many people to facilitate balance whilst walking or as a decorative accessory.

Comyns walking sticks are available with six different handles and are provided with a special velvet storage bag to keep them in perfect condition when not in use.

Dimensions 87.5cm (34.5 ) in overall height

Comyns is one of the oldest and most prestigious silversmiths from the United Kingdom. The WC hallmark can be traced to the 17th century.

Comyns combines contemporary style with time-honoured craftsmanship to create perfect pieces that prove an effortless touch to your signature look.