Serial Number: ART0024

BHD 250

Ink and Watercolor on Paper




17 x 40

Abdul Wahab Koheji, Bahraini Koheji, a renowned watercolor artist, sees painting as a way to spread art out, to create art for everyone . Besides the smaller framed scenes, easy to pact into a suitcase, the 52-year-old artist has painted much larger works that have found their way into boardrooms, executive offices, schools and hotel lounges. Aside from watercolor, he occasionally uses batik, oil, silkscreen and pen and ink as media to express his images Abdul Wahab obtained his Diploma in Art from United Kingdom. He began teaching art but returned to Bahrain in order to study Interior Design. He had a love affair with architecture since his childhood days, and actually being school in design opened my eyes more to the role that light plays in design, textures, and various materials . Painting was largely a hobby, to depict scenes he recalled from his native Muharraq, particularly the back streets, souk, houses and courtyards, desert and camels, donkies and hubble-bubble shops, dhows, seascapes and date pickers, that have perhaps long since put on a more modern facade without the character and personality of the ancient. As Old Bahrain gives way to Modern Bahrain, Koheji s works provide an important reflection of Bahraini life and its architectural heritage. His studies of traditional doors, courtyards, windows and entrances betray the artist s innate fascination with architecture. His paintings have been exhibited across the Gulf and as far afield as Canada and the U.K.
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Status: Display

A Village scene, ink and watercolor on paper painting of woman entering a building from a desolate road by Abdul Wahab Koheji.